find-your-own-paradise asked: what are some of your favorite TED talks??


Here are just a few!  the power of introverts, how to live before you die (steve jobs ily), why we have too few women leadersmosquitos, malaria and education; depression, the secret we share, why domestic violence victims don’t leave, the freakonomics of crack dealing (steve levitt ily), the deadly genius of drug cartels, how economic inequalities harm societies, the rise of the new global super-rich, what’s so funny about mental illness?, and iran and israel: peace is possible

Some Studying Tips


1. General Studying Tips
2. When And Where to Study for a Mental Boost of Energy -
3. 9 Tips To Help You Focus 
4. Tips to Improve Memory and Recall 
5. Tips for Students Heading To College 
6. Stress Managements Tips -
7. 6 Tips TO Deal With Test Anxiety 
8. My Comprehensive Studying System For Psychology Classes Video

9. Last Minute Studying Tips

10. Last Minute Studying Tips When You’re Rushed





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How Privileged Are You?





I got 61/100 points

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what is studying: over 60 minutes of music to help you through essays, midterms, finals, and everything else that you need to do to pass school. (listen)

A brief timeline of Junior Year


Juniors you’re about to go into the fire of the hardest year of high school.
There is so much expected of you that it is easy to get lost in all of the expectations.

So here is a handy dandy timeline of everything you should know about for the year:

SUMMER BEFORE: Start prepping for the PSAT if you’re taking it. Why?  Because A: Using it as a diagnostic is starting your prep way too late if you want to take winter tests, and B: because PSAT is used for national merit, so prepping can only help.

SEPTEMBER: Start off strong in your classes (you’ll probably need recs from these teachers) and prep for the PSAT

OCTOBER: PSAT, Registration for November SAT

NOVEMBER: November SAT, Registration for December ACT, Registration for December SAT, PSAT scores returned (get an idea of your goal scores from this diagnostic)

December ACT (if you’ve been prepping this is a good time to start sitting), December SAT (if you’ve been prepping this is a good starting test), Registration for January SAT. You’re halfway through the year, check out where your grades are and try to make realistic goals for the next semester (straight As? Bring up that B- in Calc AB to a B+? It’s very individualistic).

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UChicago Announces Common Essay Questions for 2014-2015


In the spirit of unadventurous inquiry, student applicants to the Class of 2019 will be asked to respond, briefly, to one of the following prompts. We guess.

  • From bed to couch, front yard to back yard, reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to new episodes of Judge Judy, every school-free summer is special. Tell us: what did you do on your summer vacation?
  • If you could be the president of any school club, of which school club would you be president, and why?
  • Select an inspirational quote from, and describe, in great detail, its relevance to your life. 
  • Sports: yes or no?
  • We’ve all had the experience of having to take the stairs. Tell us about one time when you had to take the stairs. Inspired by Daniel C, AB ‘10.
  • In lieu of an essay, please submit one (1) selfie. 
  • If you were reaching for the moon, but instead you fell among the stars, how would you feel? 
  • Please write an acrostic poem for which the anchor word is “COLLEGE”. 
  • What was your favorite standardized test question? Please feel free to reflect on the entirety of your standardized test taking experience.
  • Books are alright. Which ones do you like?